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Warm, Caring, & Funny

Tricia Dussinger


"Master Ji and his team are warm, caring, funny, and really know how to connect with the children."

Encouraging Teachers

Demetra Soterakis


"Tae kwon do has become a special part of our routine and our childrens’ identity.  Both my son and daughter have gained so much self confidence and discipline.  Master Ji and Instructor Michael are kind and encouraging teachers - we’re thrilled our kids have such respectable mentors to support them.”

Important Life Lessons

Jessica Garrett


"Enrolling our son has been one of the best parenting decisions we've made! Master Ji and the instructors teach not only technique for age and skill levels, but also include important life lessons and goal setting. It has helped Ethan to gain confidence, develop respect for himself and others, cooperation, discipline, and perseverance - all while having fun!"

Travel 20 Miles

Gail Albrecht


"Masters Ji is truly gifted and passionate about what he does. He is the main reason that we travel 20 miles, three times a week, to come to Greenwich when there are many taekwondo studios where we live."

Patient, Kind, & Friendly

Ira Frimere

Father, Black Belt

"Master Ji and his staff are disciplined, talented martial artists, but even more impressive is how patient, kind and friendly they are."

Favorite Family Activity

Lilian Ruiz

Mother, Black Belt

"Master Ji is an amazing presence in my children's lives, and taekwondo became our favorite family activity."

Disciplined Training

Ronnie Lazo


"They really care about their students and they maintain a good balance of disciplined training with plenty of opportunities for fun that keeps the kids motivated."

Better Listeners

Bob Chaney

Father, Black Belt

"My kids are better disciplined, better listeners, and more respectful largely due to the instruction at White Tiger. I highly recommend White Tiger Tae Kwon Do to the whole family!"

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