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Face masks are required and will be mandatory for all students and staff.

Before entering the dojang, students will have their temperature taken and sanitize their hands.

Students are not permitted to use any training equipment. Only staff will be handling equipment and gear.

Students will be assigned a designated area upon entering class and will not be permitted to leave their safe zone to ensure proper social distancing.

White Tiger staff will refrain and avoid any physical contact with any student or occupant.

Classes will run at a maximum capacity of 6 students. 

Please inform White Tiger of any respiratory issues or symptoms and/or if anyone in your household has traveled to another country within the past 14 days.

Drop off and pick up should be done in a timely manner. Entering should be done from the back parking lot. Students are required to leave through the front.

It is recommended that students go to the bathroom at home before or after attending class. 

Students are required to prepare and wear their uniform to class. All changing rooms will be closed. Please wash your uniform after each class.

If early, please wait inside your car. Students are not permitted to enter the building more than 5 minutes before their class.

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