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Benefits of Tae Kwon Do

Self Defense

Learning the ability to defend yourself comes from having a lot of self confidence. Because self confidence compliments the training of learning to defend yourself, it enables self defense to be put into practice when needed. Self defense is the natural product of learning tae kwon do, and this is one of the main driving factors in why many people choose to practice this martial art. 


At White Tiger Tae Kwon Do, our instructors teach out of the love of impact we have on developing students into martial artists. As tae kwon do practitioners, we are engrained in developing a true respect for our dojang (training room), our instructors, our peers, our family & friends, and the environment around us. Through constant practice and repetition of respect, this blossoms a character trait that sticks with the student throughout their entire life and is recycled back into the lives and communities they become a part of.


Throughout our our daily lives we are used to completing simple tasks favoring one side of our body like using a fork, throwing a ball, or brushing your teeth. In tae kwon do, students are constantly working to move both sides of their bodies in everything they do whether it be kicking, punching, blocking, rolling, balancing, jumping, etc. Tae kwon do teaches us to use both sides equally. Seeing student's coordination skills bloom throughout their tae kwon do journey is a key benefit produced by tae kwon do training.

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